us senator bernie sanders

“At a time when many people are trying to figure out how we ended up with Donald Trump as president, The Full Vermonty offers some comic relief from the painful reality of Trump’s policies. Bill Mares,  Jeff Danziger and their band of writers and artists give a brilliant, and very Vermont-like, perspective on where we go from here. We most definitely need this kind of wit and humor in the age of Trump.”

bill mckibben

“An anxious nation can rest easy: Vermont will, as always, punch above its weight in the resistance to Mr. Trump.”  

congressman peter welch

“People are always asking me: Peter, what can I do about Trump and what’s going on in Washington? My answer: Read The Full Vermonty.”  


candy page, vt journalist

“Bill Mares, Jeff Danziger, and their compatriots stand up and speak their minds about President Donald Trump, frankly and forcefully, with a dash of humor and in a civil tone (well, mostly). But the Time of Trump also demands what Danziger calls “desperate wit,” and the reader will find plenty of that as well.”  

jerry greenfield, co-found of ben & jerry's

“Better than all of our flavors combined! Bill Mares and Jeff Danziger have assembled a brilliant posse of Vermont writers and artists to show the world how to drain the Trump Swamp is this small corner of America. This is a book that will make you laugh and cry,  not necessarily in that order.” 

anne galloway, founder of vtdigger

“Trump’s narcissism is enough to make any self-respecting Vermonter’s toes curl. The Full Vermonty is THE guide for finding ways to stay sane. The authors’ advice? Overcome Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder by eating kale and drinking craft beer. Find your moral compass. BE a Vermonter and stay feisty and independent.” 

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“Come to The Full Vermonty for the cartoons by the incomparable Jeff Danziger. Stay for a primer for the millions of Americans who’ve been asking, “What do we do NOW?” Bill Mares and his gang of Vermont wits and sages actually have answers.” 

This is the worst book ever in the history of the world, a total failure. Sad.
— @realDonaldTrump